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Dear Parents,

What happens when we put pressure on ourselves and our children at the same time? Why do we want them to go faster than music? Why do we constantly anticipate their desires, their needs? Let’s ratify them as they are … #letthembechildren #letthembewild as they say on Instagram.


Happy International women’s day

We the women have a great responsibility in this world that we live in. We are the mothers, we are the educators, it is up to us to achieve gender equality in all areas. It is up to us to get out of violence, racism, ignorance. We have more power than we think and we don’t use it. I am not saying to become arrogant or authoritarian, but to help each other to stop being victims, and take the upper hand at once. We have many issues, such as: educate ourselves to lead, nurture ourselves to protect and guide our children, become a firm reference in society