Positive Birth Affirmation

Positive Birth affirmation

10 Phrases You Need to Read Before Delivery

Congratulations Mom! The day has arrived for you to finally meet that tiny person about whom you have dreamed so much. We understand how challenging this entire process has been, and we want you to know that you are incredibly brave. Before you run to the hospital, don’t forget to read this “10 Phrases you need to read before delivery.”

Being pregnant is an adventure; some days will be amazing, while others may leave you wondering whether you could do it, but here you are. You’ve arrived at your destination, and now it’s time to cross it. But, before you cross, take a few moments to read this.

Read Before Delivery

10 Phrases you must read before delivery

  1. You are ready; It has taken you 9 months to get here, and since you found out you were pregnant you have prepared yourself and have done everything you should and could do. Trust yourself.

  2. Your body understands how to bring this baby into the world in the same way that it knew how to create it and make it grow within you. Trust him.

  3. Your baby is ready. It has been 9 wonderful months where he has been trained to perfection, he has received the greatest love from you and is excited to meet you.

  4. Your doctors are ready too. They know what needs to be done and are prepared to do it. Have faith in them.

  5. Outside your family and friends are waiting for you and your baby with all the illusions in the world. Feel them.

  6. The power and pain of your contractions are not greater than you, they are part of you. You are that strong.

  7. The pain you are feeling does not compare to the joy you are about to feel.

  8. The moment when you feel like you can’t take it anymore will be the exact moment when the miracle happens.

  9. The only important thing right now is you and your baby. Leave out everything else. Live it up.

  10. Everything will be alright; do not be anxious.

New Mom

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Now that you’ve read these “10 Phrases You Need to Read Before Delivery” and are full of positive thoughts, it’s time to cross over. You are about to transform. You will leave that place as a completely different person and full of superpowers; a new and better version of yourself, capable of doing things you never thought, more proud and stronger than you could ever dream of. We wish you the best in this new stage. Congratulations Mom! and welcome to the Messymom club.
Do not stop reading these 10 phrases to survive postpartum, everything will be much easier in those first days of your new life as a mother. If you liked these phrases, do not hesitate to share them, leave us your comments.
Don’t stress let’s clear the mess!!

Live it up

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Good Luck Mom! you’re prepared for whatever turns birthing takes. Sending you empowered vibes, from Messy Mom!


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