Ways You Almost Mess Up as a Parent

Modern parenting

Modern Parenting…

There is no such thing as a picture-perfect parent. We have been taught about the importance of being “perfect.” Well, you know it’s a myth. If truth be told, everyone is bound to be messy sometimes as a parent and make mistakes along the way. Let’s just hope our kids understand and pardon us somewhere down the lane.

1. You Will Forget It’s Class Photograph Day:

You are always very particular about your kid’s ironed uniform. Their proper hair, but one day you woke up late and send your kids not properly dressed. You will completely forget that day is class photograph day. From the resulting class photo, you will be reminded about this day always.

2. You Will Completely Fail to Help Them With

In the beginning, it’s easy but later on, when the young ones ask you to help them with Maths homework, you are clueless. You try to help them and find out they are taught an entirely different way and are doing new maths. You are completely OUT!

3. Salad Day Competition:

I know every Mom can relate to this. You will give them their favourite snacks and then your kid will remind you that today is a salad day competition, and you have nothing fresh to offer.

4. You will forget tooth fairy duties or Christmas gifts:

When you forget to keep a penny under their pillow or Christmas gifts in their wish socks because you fell asleep watching your favourite movie forgetting all about tooth fairy or Santa clause duties and the next morning when your child is crushed with disappointment, Time to spin some story about how you have heard tooth fairy or Santa clause has been on holiday, but you are sure she/he will visit tonight.

5. You Will Throw Away Something That They Will Ask For Later:

Oh! That has always happened to me…… I sometimes throw away broken pieces of toys etc, thinking, that’s of no use..and later my daughter asks me as it was an important part of her doll, or she wants that to fix it in another toy and now you know how to fix this guilt of yours.😒

6. You’ll Give Them The Wrong Colored Bowl or Spoon:

You know how toddlers are possessive about their favourite colour, especially when it’s about their fav. bowl or spoon. You think they ate all veggies yesterday in a pink bowl so, today also you try to give them in the same bowl. But today they want in Red bowl and he throws away the bowl, I know it’s maddening, don’t panic, instead, take a deep breath and clean up.

7. You Will Make Empty Threats:

When kids drive you crazy and push all your buttons you make hollow threats that we don’t mean or carry out; You often say completely wild things like ..”you won’t drive them to school if they don’t get ready fast”…and in mind, you know, how hard you want to send them to school. (Any empty threat teaches a child that they can get away with things).

8. Fail To Bake :

In the evening, your child announces that they want their favourite cake baked by you. You hunt the cupboards to find that you’ve got zero ingredients for everything in your trusted recipe books, and you also know that you’re tired and can’t find enough motivation to spend your whole night cooking. In the morning, you pick up some of Mr Bake world cakes from the bakery, rough them up a bit, and hope you can pass them as your own. Good Luck Mamma.😂

9. Picking them from School or Bus Stand Late:

Its time for kids to come home, your eyes are glued on the clock but in a moment, something from the kitchen calls and you forget the time..suddenly you realizes but all in vain, you will not arrive on time and you very well know the aftereffects of this blunder of yours.

10. Dot Day Celebration:

Dot Day is a day to connect, collaborate, and create. It’s also a great day to foster self-expression. This day is enjoyed in many schools where kids are asked to wear a dotted dress. So, you bought a new polka dress for your daughter for this day but on a celebration day, you send her to school in uniform and you have no clue how to say sorry to your little girl.

Sometimes we all mess up. We as parents are working hard to put things in order every day. It’s OK if we can’t .. every parent will almost undoubtedly make all the same mistakes. Don’t try to put crazy pressure on yourself to achieve the unachievable.

How did you mess up? Do share your story in the comment box. �

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