Peppa Pig Cartoon Review

Peppa pig review

Yesterday, I was discussing with my sister some of the children’s cartoons and nursery rhymes and their negative effects on a child’s behaviour and development. Then I recall the Peppa Pig cartoon that my children used to enjoy.

Watching cartoon programs had a significant impact on children’s behaviour. Changes were both negative and positive. The majority of children behave in the same way that they observe people performing activities on television and mimic them in their daily lives.

Almost 80% of the brain is formed by 3 years of age. Mental models are also strongly created at that time. The opportunities to copy what children see on television doubles at that stage and age.

So, it is up to us, to be their teachers, as well as the environment in which they live, to teach them to be better humans. Engaging with what children are watching on television may be a good way for parents to help their children learn more.

Peppa pig cartoon review

So, I’m referring to the well-known cartoon show “Peppa Pig.” It was clear that it was being watched at my house as well, and after two or three shows, I switched to another cartoon program. If it was also being watched at your house, you might understand why I’m talking so loudly.

This show has had tremendous success and incredible sales, but there is a lot of discussion about the quality of the characters for building children’s character. Additionally, design is not healthy for them.

According to the research, many of the issues seen in some children’s behaviour, such as tantrums, contempt, insolence, and disobedience, originate from toddler cartoons like “Peppa Pig.”

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Peppa and her younger brother George behaviour.

 Peppa Pig Cartoon review

Peppa is rude to her parents, who are overly indulgent with her. Consider the scene in which Peppa and her brother George refuse to clean up her room.
Isn’t this a common occurrence? Do you have any idea how the parents reacted? They bribed their kids and then promptly forgot about it. Peppa and her brother later messed everything up again with the reward in hand. Isn’t it disgusting?

Peppa Pig is a character that gets away with being a misbehaving youngster because she is not disciplined. Making fat jokes about her dad is something she typically gets away with, which sends the incorrect message to kids.

According to the study, the main personality problems in Peppa are:

  • Rude
  • Ignoring the opinion of the other
  • Inappropriate behaviour
  • Sick competition
  • Intolerance
  • Lack of respect
  • Pride
  • Superiority syndrome

Let’s pay more attention to the programs and content we offer our children. Not everything fashionable is of quality or serves for the education of our little ones.

This is my review of the Peppa pig cartoon. I will not criticize the series because I believe that it is up to the parents to decide what their children should be exposed to, but after discussing the issue with other parents, they all accepted that their children were exposed to the same behaviour.

 Peppa Pig Cartoon review

The Peppa Pig cartoon, in my opinion, should not be the best influence for them during the training phase.

What’s your opinion? Do you allow your children to watch Peppa Pig? Do share your views in the comment section.

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  1. ishi says:

    Thank you for sharing. As a parent we have to he very alert on what our child is watching

  2. I remember there has been something similar reactions floating around a couple f years ago about Peppa Pig. I agree, cartoon which are said tone appropriate for kids should have something educational. Cartoons have a major influence on kid’s behavior. They don’t understand that its fake. I have also seen Peppa Pig shows and have told my kids to discontinue. So far our favorite is Calliou and Daniel Tiger, Super Why, Sid The Science kid and a few more.

  3. I agree with you, many times I also have put my foot down to take control over certain famous cartoon shows from East Asia. Peppa Pig on the other hand is something my child loves and glued to while growing up. Yes, the anecdotes you shared are well noticed by me, but this varied distinction also shows the cultural differences in two different countries. But, again every mom to her own and best, I agree with your sentiment.

    1. SAKSHI MISHRA says:

      It is integral to monitor the shows ones kids are watching and what impact it may have on the child. I have seen kids watching youtubers even i dont know names about and then they pic up their way of talking and all super quick. Thanks for sharing your views.

  4. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay says:

    Yes, children are greatly being influenced by cartoon characters. Hence, it’s very important for the parents to be alert about what their kids are watching. I had no idea about Peppa Pig as my kids are now adults. But from your review it gets clear that this one may grow misbehaviour, intolerance and other negative habits.

  5. Yes, choosing the right content ( and cartton shows in case of young kids) is so important as inappropriate content may cause negative effects on child’s mental and emotional development. “Daniel tiger’s neighborhood” is one of the best series for young kids and I had make her watch to my kids , when they were young. peppa pig was so popular but I did not liked it because of the reasons you have mentioned in the post.

    1. Yes, Daniel tiger and Oswald was my kid’s favourite cartoon.

  6. I am a dieheart fan of cartoons and I love watching them. Peppa Pig is one of the best one for the kids and I love it too. Lovely review

  7. You raise very important points and I also remember removing summer cartoons from my kids watch list a few years ago. Now I encourage fun shows that also impart education.

  8. Peppa Pig is a very popular show. However, you have rightly pointed out the deep effects that it can have on the impressionable minds of kids. It is so important that parents keep a track of what kids watch at least when they are still in a vulnerable age.

  9. I really agree to ur writings . Cartoon may hypnotise kids creative mind to a dull mind. I had such an experience from my friends daughter ‘ when they were in Delhi for the 1st time. They were searching for the right way. Her daughter told” Amma ask to map ( map in Dora the explorer)😌😂’.Thats what cartoon makes kid attract.Nicelu shared.

    1. My friend’s 2yrs old son threw all his toys and when asked he said ‘ Masha’ (from Masha and the bear).

  10. Ruchi Verma says:

    I totally agree with you that kids are so much influenced by the kind of cartoon they watch and we as parents need to be more careful allowing any content they watch.

  11. Watching peppa pig was a seasons but my kids have now. Switched to other shows. As you pointed parents must keep track of what their kids watch.

  12. My daughters may have way passed their phase of Peppa Pig but looking at their toys now, I can see how much this cartoon has influenced them. I personally watched a lot of their episodes as well and I generally like their story line and how they add values to each episode for kids to learn. Just a caution, there’s a lot of other Peppa Pig shows, especially in YouTube that had been voice altered and can be harmful for kiddos to watch. Just be mindful of that.

  13. Peppa Pig is 5 year old and behaves in similar manner, where kids do not agree to parents and ask many questions. When parents are around they can convey to the child that Peppa is not correct at this instance, she is also shown concerned towards her family and taking care of her brother.

  14. You are doing an amazing job by bringing out these issues. Children get influenced by what they see and consume. Thank you for sharing this.

  15. Peppa pig is my niece’s favorite. She collects every type of a toy which is made around peppa pig. My son is 10 months old and he is just enjoying cocomelon rhymes. I will keep these things in mind before making him watch peppa pig.

    1. Do check rhymes also.. There is one rhyme that goes like this… If you are angry stamp your feet.

  16. This is an important issue, thanks for bringing this up. Cartoons do impact the entire psychology of our kids. My son always watch Peppa pig, I will switch it to some other ethical and moral cartoon.

  17. I absolutely love this show and the tone.. Also agree to your thought.. Shall hav rto think on this now

  18. Wonderful post, I really liked it. I always watch Peppa Pig with my son and it’s really interesting. It’s important to see what our kids are watching as it impacts on their life.

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