Hello Mom!

Hello Mom!!

Hello Mom of the girl wearing heavy jewellery with pyjamas at the supermarket

You may have noticed me and a few other supermarket moms staring at your Lil girl, and I want you to know something important: We weren’t judging you.

Thank you for not being afraid to go out in public when your child didn’t look like he/she was doing a photoshoot for a Children’s fashion catalogue.

Hello Mom

You noticed me and my well-dressed kids. Today, my children are clean, dressed, and decently put together, but don’t make any assumptions. I was you yesterday, and someone will most likely be you tomorrow.

Hello, Mom!! Thank you for letting the world see your actual life, instead of just your Instagram feed.

A few days back, I saw a kid throwing tantrum in the mall, and her mom was feeling ashamed of this. But he’s just a little human learning emotion. We will get through them together.
I wish there was some sort of code or secret symbol to let other moms know we understand and aren’t judging them when we see them.

Parenting is hard.

Parenting is hard. SAH parenting, working parenting, part-time working parenting: they all have their different challenges.
I wonder why do we judge others? Why don’t we just lift each other instead of poking each other? Oh, she is in the office she doesn’t have time for her kid. Oh, she stays all the time with her kid, that’s why the kid is not social.

Stop Judging Moms

Stop judging a mom who left breastfeeding early so she could drink wine. Maybe she felt it was the right time for the formula for her baby. Don’t judge a mom who breastfeeds her baby for years. Maybe she is struggling to wean. Don’t judge a mom who stays with their kid all the time at a party or a mom who doesn’t even know where her kid is at a party. Don’t judge a mom for keeping her baby in diapers all the time, and don’t judge if a mom is happy to clean the dirty nappies by herself without using diapers. Just don’t judge!

Motherhood comes naturally

Hello Mom

I wish we understand each other’s struggle and stop being judgmental. Everyone is doing their best, and we have no idea what is going on in the lives of others. So, the next time you meet any mom and suspect she isn’t doing her job properly, step forward to assist her. She’ll figure it out on her own because motherhood comes naturally and there’s no manual for it.

When I feel close to losing myself, I try to take a few steps back, breathe, and think about something INSPIRING to help me calm down and see the wider picture. Happy Parenting guys!!

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I am an energetic mom of two kids, still learning the ropes of it. I am so excited to start writing about tips, tricks, and advice on things of everyday life.

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  1. yes agree parenting is beautiful but equally hard. it is sad that judging other parents is a common in our so called society. I loved the end note of your post. wish to see this implemented in practical world too.

  2. ishi says:

    That’s totally correct. Neither the kids not mom’s should be compared. Every mother has a different story

    1. I completely agree with your points here, parenting is beautiful. But, judging someone is not good because at the end of the day, we all are human beings, trying our best.

  3. Every Mom has her own set of challenges and we aren’t aware of it. I share your mindset that why do we need to judge others, I wish more and more think like that, it will bring in a big change.

  4. Judging moms is very easy but people should understand that parenting is not an easy task. Thanks for sharing this post and making people understand on this topic.

  5. Aiysha Khan says:

    Agreed with you ever parent is different and so theor parenting style so no one should judge them

  6. Thanks for putting it out there. Motherhood comes with its challenges and its ok if someone doesn’t fit your idea of perfect. Let go, they’re trying their best . Life isn’t about social media.

  7. Few decisions of the life cannot make mother stand in the judgement line. Yes Parenting is hard and one has to respect the choices of the others.

  8. If we start having a Pinterest or Instagram perfect moment al the time, then somewhere we are not being true to ourself. Motherhood or parenting in general is raw, its authentic. Why do we need filters to show it flawless?

  9. Milan Singhal says:

    Every mom has her own style of parenting and should never ever be judged. I completely agree with each and every word of this post.

  10. Parenting can be and is challenging, as with everything else in the world. However, its rewards too are immeasurable. More tolerance, and empathy is what is required by moms for other moms.

  11. Parenting is beautiful yet tough! And a lot of people who are not parents themselves cannot perhaps associate with the struggle that we parents go through.

  12. Judging is an easy job, but parenting isn’t! So, all those who judge other moms, I have only one reply – see your palm, when you find all your five fingers are the same in length, point fingers that day. As a mom, I have grown a thick skin ,now nothing matters.

  13. Judy Morris says:

    Totally agree with you on this. Judging a parent, especially a mom is the last thing one should do. Also, I agree parenting comes naturally and every time a prim and matured response to kids behaviour too isn’t possible for moms to give. Again judging the mom or kid caught in an odd situation is incorrect.

  14. I completely agree. Motherhood is more though than it appears. Thank you for this wonderful read.

  15. This post contains a very good message. We shoulld stop judging the parents. And I have learnt after being a parent myself.

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  17. Parenting is a tough call. The worst part is that we are judged by people who have no role to play in our child’s upbringing. When I was a young mommy it used to hurt. Now I have become thick-skinned.

    1. Thank you so much for going through it😊 .

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