Friend: Don’t judge me when I complain about motherhood

Don't judge me when I complain about motherhood

Dear friend, don’t judge me when I complain about motherhood to you over the phone. Being a mother is like joining a club where we share our maternal experiences and anecdotes just like any other. But it’s also a first-hand understanding of how many mothers feel and think.

“Every mother has a unique story to tell. She has traversed a difficult route.”

However, if you don’t yet have children, it can be difficult to understand some of the things that those of us who are already mothers do, such as vocalizing how exhausted we are. So this letter is to friends who need to hear it because it is more than just a complaint.

Friend, when I complain about motherhood …

Don't judge me when I complain about motherhood.
Friend, when I complain about motherhood

When I complain about motherhood, It’s not because I don’t like being a mom or I’m sorry. It’s also not because I don’t love my children or am dissatisfied with my life. The path I chose is not always easy, and as with any job, there comes a point where I feel tired.

I know that it can be difficult for you to understand, not being in my place. The truth is that although I love being a mother and I greatly enjoy the benefits that life with children has, motherhood is wonderful, but still sometimes feel exhausted and dazed.

I’m constantly giving – my time, my thoughts, my body, and my energy. And when I dare to admit I’m tired, I’m looked down on, judged, and misunderstood.

Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.” – Ricki Lake.

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Good days and bad days

There will be good and bad days for me. There are days when I believe that motherhood is the best thing in the world, to the point where I could try to persuade you that you have children or are encouraged to get pregnant before the time you intend to do so.

But as you know, I like to talk about motherhood realistically, and while being a mom is an incredible experience, it also has its not-so-pretty side. To be honest with you, some days I feel like a robot that barely charges at night and wakes up every morning to run the same exact course.

Good days and bad days

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On some days, I feel like the world’s worst mother. On other days, I feel like a failure because I believe I’m not doing things correctly. And there are times when I feel so exhausted from being a mother that I want to flee. That’s when you’ll hear me whine.

But don’t be afraid! When I complain about motherhood, it is not because I regret having children, nor am I trying to persuade you not to have them. I simply have enough self-confidence to confide in you and express some of the emotions that can overwhelm me at times.

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Don't judge me when I complain about motherhood

So please, if you ever see me tired or complaining about my children, don’t take it the wrong way or panic. I’m just a tired mom, looking for a little empathy with my friend that I love so much.

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  1. Ishi Tripathi says:

    Thanks for penning this down 😒 Motherhood is the toughest job.. Almost 8 years in the corporate world I never felt this exhausted..
    Exhausted but happy 🤗

  2. We all have good and bad days. There is nothing to feel bad about feeling tired. We are human being. And it is natural to feel tired while handling various responsibilities.

  3. Aakriti says:

    Loved loved loved the article. Being a mom, I feel you. We as mothers have different journeys and have had our own set of experiences , lets not judge any mom. Beautifully penned.

  4. I can really understand what it would feel like. I see my mom and her time with raising the three of us. It’s not easy and requires superhuman effort to retain your balance. Good post.

  5. All of us have assumptions that a women must not complain and if she’s doing, that’s not right
    She’s not only a mother but have unique identity of their own.

  6. I can hear you mommy and believe me we all feel the same. Motherhood is beautiful but equally demanding too. We all have good and bad days and it’s normal part of motherhood journey.

  7. Oh there’s no need to feel sorry about that at all. Embracing the good and bad of motherhood makes us the mother that we are and with or without the judgement of others, it is always more important to feel that genuine us than to pretend to show others that we are okay just for show. This is why Self-Care is much needed, especially for mothers so as for us not to feel this.

  8. Being a mother is the most beautiful thing on this earth. Lucky are thoose who become mother and its the immense power of a woman which make them one. Its demanding job and that what the beauty of motherhood.

  9. Being a mother is a most challenging job. Of the kids do good she rarely gets the credit but of they do anything wrong she is the Only one blamed.

  10. It’s been five years. And I truly resonated with every word. We all have thT one person who we confide our emotions. They do not take us wrong and help being a support

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