Being Maasi is the coolest and most rewarding job globally

Being Maasi/Aunt is the greatest thing in the world

Congratulation on being maasi: the joy of being maasi is one of the most exciting moments in sister’s life.

Being a sister is an honor, being maasi is priceless !

A nephew or niece has a special bond and affection for their maasi. She is her/his best friend and most trustworthy ally. She always has their backs and never makes things complicated. Being maasi means you get to pamper your sibling’s kids and cherish all the playtime and cuddles you can!

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Being maasi is the coolest and most rewarding job globally, which is why it’s written like this:

1. You Have a perfect reason to act like a child

Watching cartoons, reading bedtime stories, playing all kinds of games without being judged is the best of all. You have to, you are a maasi. You rediscover your inner kid and get to do all the things you used to do as a child, as well as find new ways to have fun.

Maasi playing with nephew

2. Maasi is their close confidant

She is the one who gets to know all the mishaps her nephew and niece had in childhood and adolescence. You will hear all about their first crush or their problems in kindergarten or school. You enjoy responsibilities that are different than those of the kid’s parents. She can be more accommodating, flexible, and comfortable, therefore she has an easy and relaxed approach. That is why nieces and nephews feel free to trust her. Maasi is a keeper of secrets and always has the best advice because she has already been there.

3. You have a secret way to comfort them

Being Maasi

Being Maasi, you will usually find yourself as a peace negotiator between children and their parents. And, while that sounds like an unfortunate position to be in, it isn’t. Having the kind of intimacy on both sides, you are in a better position to understand and do the much-needed bridging sometimes. You can give your niece/nephews an idea of ​​their parents’ views and positions, and vice versa.

A Maasi can have magical powers like those of Nanny McPhee to make a bad thing go away in seconds and provide much-needed comfort and understanding to your niece/nephews.

4. You are a role model

Being Maasi

Maasi is an amazing, entertaining, and loving person. She possesses that unique quality that makes the world a better place for her nieces and nephews. They aspire to be like you when they grow up. So, when asked about their career, what you do will be at the top of their list.

5. Maasi is for Pampering

The parents are in charge of the upbringing and maasis’ are for pampering. That’s why you constantly give them one extra chocolate, let them stay up a little later than their bedtime, offer them whatever they desire, and so on.

Maasi’s responsibilities are minimal. She can get away with things that their parents are unable to. That’s one of the reasons she’s her/his favorite babysitter and the one with whom she/he enjoys spending time.

6. You have the most beautiful photos of all

Whenever you both are together you end up clicking many pictures. However these moments are inextricably linked to your heart, and these are the ones that might result in the most stunning photographs on your phone or social media. When your nieces and nephews grow older, they will be able to witness all of those goofy, cute, touching experiences, when they were too little to remember.

7. You will receive the most affectionate hugs in lifetime.

When you get a hug from your nephew or niece, you are experiencing love at its purest. Everything you feel for them seems to be naturally reciprocated.

That’s why maasi hug their niece/nephew tighter and for a longer time.

I am sure you will never forget the day you become maasi. Do share your first experience with your Lil munchkin.

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  1. Ishi Tripathi says:

    I can relate .. I still remember the time Aashi, Kashvi and Shoru was born . It was the most precious time of my life🤗🤗 i miss you guysssssss 😒😒😒😒

  2. I second that. I have niece and with her birth, I was so happy. I wasn’t the youngest any more. Now when she is going tone trying 18, we talk on almost any topic.

  3. Yes, its absolutely true as my Nephew is very fond of me and when get pissed off under mom’s anger I turn out to be his savior.

    1. Yes, this is so true. I agree with the points mentioned here. And I think i will also have some of there characteristics whenever I will became massi. 😂

  4. yes being a maasi or bua is nicest thing . it is one of the cool relationship that we all cherish. I had become recently bua again and loving that feeling so much.

  5. Diya says:

    Acha… I didn’t know about Being Maasi is the coolest and most rewarding job globally. I am glad you shared that. This is important job. Very nice information. Thanks for sharing

  6. O I agree to it so much. I have been so close to my maasis and now that I am one, I realize how great the bonding is.

  7. I was reading this out to my sister in law and she was like this is so true. Yes it is, yes it is 💖

  8. Such a relatable post. Massi is all this and more. I was smiling all.along while.reading this

  9. Aww…such a sweet elder sister’s and brother’s kids are world to me..with time they are my becomes best friends of mine…your article made me emotional…

  10. Being an aunt is truly a special thing! My sisters are actually doing a great job being aunts to my daughters to the point that they’re spoiling them, way too much! Growing up with aunts, I really had a special bond with them as well which I would love my daughters to experience as well.

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