How can Stress be positive?

How can stress help us?

How can stress be positive? Now, what’s this?? I know you guys might be thinking that this question itself is not justified. When I first read about it, I had the same feeling, but wait, let me explain to you the real meaning of stress.

What is stress?

Stress is a natural reaction of the body to changes, resulting in physical, emotional, and cognitive responses. In fact, the human body is built to experience and respond to stress. Stress responses assist your body in adapting to new environments.

For some reason, some words have a poor reputation. One of them is stress. It appears to be a catastrophe of our Western civilization that we all work all day, which stresses us. Stress is responsible for obesity, sickness, and a lack of patience and energy to educate children as they deserve.

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How can stress be positive?

“Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle.”

―Bill Phillips

In reality, if we search for the word “stress” on Google, we get over 35 million results. Still, the first ones are about fatigue and exhaustion, such as “a state of mental fatigue created by the need for considerably greater performance than normal, frequently causes numerous physical and mental illnesses.”

Stress, from a biological standpoint, is a series of changes that occur in the body as a physical response to specific repeated stimuli, such as cold, fear, joy, and so on. As a result, stress is the body’s way of responding to a problem.

However, it does not have to express a negative feeling or discomfort; it can also provide a positive mental effect. Stress can be positive because it keeps us attentive, motivated, and ready to avoid danger.  

How can stress be positive?

Stress is an engine, a natural resource that we have to face the challenges that life throws at us from the moment we are born until we die.
There are additional challenges between these two significant challenges (birth and death): facing the school, a marriage, relationship conflicts, the loss of a loved one, the frustrating situation of a dream, and stress helps us transcend and face those events that compel us to grow.

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“When you find yourself stressed, ask yourself one question: Will this matter in 5 years from now? If yes, then do something about the situation. If no, then let it go.”

―Catherine Pulsifer

It is not stress that makes us ill, but our inability to learn, for example, to ask for help, set limits, and accept criticism. Being an adult is not just turning a year old; being an adult is being able to self-regulate and change to face the stress that being alive generates in us. 

Managing Stress

Is stress making you impatient and frustrated? You are not able to manage your stress?? Stress relievers might help you regain control of your chaotic life. If your stress is out of control and you need immediate relief, try one of these suggestions.

  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Eat healthily
  3. Start writing journal
  4. Start Meditation/yoga
  5. Connect with others
  6. Listen or play music
  7. Excercise
  8. Start practising what you love, like cooking and gardening or reading.
  9. Spend time with friends/family
  10. Seek Counselor
How can stress be positive?
Listen or Play music

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  1. Bedabrata Chakraborty says:

    This seems to be a complete counselling session for people suffering from stress. Let’s face it life without stress is impossible. The only question that you have rightly addressed is how do we handle stress.

  2. Stress is indeed a reality, and it is something that is triggered mostly by external sources. It is in our hands to manage and channelize it towards positive goals. Sandy N Vyjay

  3. Lovely suggestions. It’s good to channel stress in a positive way as we all suffer from it because of some reason or the other. For me, sleeping helps and also yoga helps.

  4. I loved that quote from Catherine. It makes so much sense.
    In 5 years if it matters, then do something or just move on. But doing something is in itself a stress.

  5. Stress is part of everybody’s life and it is wise to learn to channelize it as a driving force.

  6. I really love your positive take on stress. Even I believe that I perform better under stress. Although it’s taking a huge toll on my mental and physical health.

  7. When stress help is in moving forward, it no longer feels like stress. Rather it becomes the driving force.

  8. Urvi savla says:

    Even though stress can be a good thing its best to have little or no stress. Your tips to manage stress is quite useful👍🏻

  9. I also follow Catheriene principle, and ask question ‘ will this matter in coming future?’ This has helped me relieve from stressful situations.

  10. I think stress is one thing we can’t avoid yet can be managed for it not to affect our lives that much. One way of managing stress is by doing Self-Care. If you’re at your own element and have our hands on every aspect in our lives, stress would surely be lessened and we’ll be able to live life happily.

  11. Life without stress is impossible these days. Everyone is stressed for some reason. I’m really feeling good after reading this article.

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