How to plan your summer with a personal mantra

How to plan your summer with a personal mantra

“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.”
– Earl Wilson

Here I will explain to you how to plan your summer and create a personal mantra to help you stay on track.

I know it sounds weird to you, but after reading this post, your mind will be cleared of all the doubts.

How to plan your summer with a personal mantra

The peak moment of the year

We are approaching the “peak moment” of the year when we experience a change of seasons: summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the most desired time for vacations (even more so after this strange and dramatic 2020–21), and winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

I believe that almost all of us have high expectations for the holidays and the coming months, which is not a bad thing at all.
In this article, I want to present you with a proposal to plan and live a meaningful summer (or winter).

What exactly do I mean by asking you to plan your summer with a personal mantra?

So, instead of getting carried away by the empty entertainment of every day (television, mobile, etc.) or endless activities that are unrelated to each other, take advantage of these months to focus on what you want to do, on what you want to advance or improve.

The most important thing is that you define a mantra for this summer and organize your actions.

How to plan your summer with a personal mantra

And now you’re probably wondering, “Well, what exactly is this “summer mantra,” and how do I do it?”

Well, be patient because… I’ll explain everything in detail in this post 😉
You will surely like it, do not miss it:

Step 1. Take stock of the first few months of the year.

Now is an excellent time to revisit your new year’s resolutions because we are halfway through the year.

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Step 2. It’s time to rethink your goals.

It is time to rethink your goals for this year, which means you will eliminate some because they are no longer essential or are unattainable, and you will modify the rest. 
I strongly advise not only focusing on work or studies, which is almost always the first thing that comes to mind but also defining goals for the following four areas of life:

  1. hobbies and adventure
  2. Mind, body, and spirit
  3. Relations
  4. Work and studies (yes, too, but not only)

Step 3. Choose your mantra for this summer.

The word mantra comes from two Sanskrit words. Manas, meaning mind, and tra, meaning tool. Literally, a tool for the mind.

To begin with, allow yourself to be open to the concept of mantras. No, they aren’t religious; they’re about finding a centre of awareness, a sense of stability that aids us in overcoming negative thinking.
Yes, now we’ve arrived at the most exciting part of the process!

How to plan your summer with a personal mantra

I want to challenge you to come up with a mantra for this summer. The mantra will be “I want my summer (or winter) to be __ and ___ “, with two keywords that I will help you define by filling in the blanks.

You can’t imagine how much clarity it will give you to have defined the general feeling of what you want the next few months to be in one sentence.

Once you have written down ALL the words that stand out to you, keep two. Yes, only two. The two that express how you would like to live your summer.
And… you already have your mantra.

Step 4. Write down a list of actions that would lead you to experience that summer.

How to plan your summer and create a personal mantra to guide you.
  • Imagine that you have determined that your mantra will be (just for example):
  • Serene and Sophisticated
  • Thoughtful and Profitable
  • Joy and Simplicity
  • Focused and Creative

Now the question is: What can I do so that my days include serenity and sophistication? Or whatever mantra you have chosen.

My suggestion is that to answer this question, take a pencil and paper and set the timer for 10 minutes on your mobile.

In these 10 minutes, write down everything that comes to your mind, without filter, to create that summer of your mantra.

For example:

  1. Turn off the mobile every day at nine at night.
  2. Go for a walk every day as soon as I wake up, at 7 in the morning when everything is calm.
  3. Dress more glamorously.
  4. Visit that museum I’m looking forward to going to.
  5. Have a cocktail in your favourite place once a week.
  6. Visit your friend at her beach house etc.
  7. Run a travel book club with your friends
  8. Write a Travel or romance novel.

Finally, you must review the list you have written (if only two or three are on the list, give yourself a few more minutes) and choose the three most relevant ones. Now place these two goals in the above mantra.

These are the two things that, if achieved, would indicate that your summer has been as inspirational as your motto.

Despite the fact that living in the present moment can be a pleasant (and even recommended) experience, in many cases, we require a sense of direction, an underlying general-purpose…And this is a possible definition of it.

What did you think of this Mantra for summer vacation? Can you tell me your mantra for this summer in the comments?

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  1. Wow I just loved this post and how you have presented it. The concluding paragraph was so good. We need to like in the present but sometimes we have to visualize our future as well to get a clear direction and path. Writing down our thoughts and ideas helps in reflecting them. Well , I want my summer to be more creative. I love to do painting but not able to find time to do it that often. So this summer, I want to create a few new pieces.

  2. I think that you have given a new perspective of how to plan for the summer. Doing what you really want to do is better than just following the pack.

  3. This post comes well in time when the summer vacations are around the corner. Trying to make summer a more inspirational, creative, and learning experience with this mantra in hand.

  4. Wow, this is an interesting read. I really enjoyed reading this one. You have shared everything so beautifully. Writing is an amazing self reflection technique.

  5. This summer we should give some time to our mental health. I planned on taking a break and truly enjoying it.

    1. I really enjoyed reading your article. You have shared and compiled everything very beautifully. Loved your writing skills 🙂

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