Self Care Isn’t Selfish


Self-love, defined as “love of self” and self care isn’t selfish. Our life takes a new turn as soon as we place our eyes on our little bundle of joy! Suddenly the whole thing is about the baby! And to some degree, it should be that way, as we can only raise healthy, happy individuals when we treat them well. Ironically while doing so, most of us moms are neglecting the underlying cornerstone of our self-care lives.

We live in a busy, fast-paced society that in my opinion, does not value mental health as much as it should.

Daily Routine

The daily routine requires endless attention and energy from us, and we are left completely squeezed out at the end of the day to look after ourselves. An important aspect of our well-being is often ignored. In all of these, it is obvious that our children and their health have become the uppermost priority. And then there is the comfort and wellbeing of our near and dear ones.

But while doing so, do we realize that maybe a little self-care can go a long way in helping us become better mothers and also in taking care of our emotional and mental health as well?

The feeling of remorse lifts its head while we talk about self-care and me-time. We hope we can use the time in any more fruitful jobs. Yet we don’t know that taking care of ourselves is the most constructive thing we can do! A happy and relaxed mother means a family that is organized and happy.

I myself, being the mother of two children, had once thrown the word “self-care” out of the window. But, yes, it didn’t take me long to realize that not only did it adversely affect my mental health, but also my ability to nurture my children and my family! Now, I make sure that I keep some time aside for myself every day so that I can rejuvenate my physical and mental health.

The subject is of such great significance today because of a few reasons.

  1. More and more families are now nuclear families.
  2. Owing to rapid globalization, people live far from their immediate families in every corner of the world.
  3. More women work outside the home compared to previous generations.

Because of these reasons, our age-old social family structure has shattered such that we often find ourselves cornered alone.

While it is true Mom’s duties are never over. You still need to take care of yourself. Otherwise, we will end up burnt out and exhausted. It’s not necessary to take a long pampering session, it’s anything that helps you feel more connected to yourself.

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If you find yourself often falling asleep on the couch, having trouble remembering things, or snapping at your kids, self-care is exactly what you need.

Self Love

Self love means taking care of your mind and body. Listen to your Mind and Body, take a look, and see what you can start implementing in your life today.

So, set aside time for yourself, self-grooming is necessary, get the right sleep, nourish the body, and seek support most importantly.

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Support is most often just a request away from you. Look around, you have trustworthy friends and relatives who may help, don’t hesitate to seek. You would be surprised to see how many people out there are happily willing to extend a helping hand.

Hope this article will inspire you to think more about yourself! Only when you’re in good physical and mental shape you will definitely give the best to the people around you! Share your thoughts, and don’t forget to share with all your other mom friends.

Till then eat healthy & sleep tight.

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I am an energetic mom of two kids, still learning the ropes of it. I am so excited to start writing about tips, tricks, and advice on things of everyday life.

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  2. We need to keep some time for ourselves. While performing our other duties, we forget to invest in ourselves. I try some time off everyday for myself.

  3. Self-love isn’t selfish, I 100% agree with you, sometimes we take a lot of time to understand this. But it’s never too late to begin this.

  4. I love doing and I do enjoy all the selfcare methods that you mentioned. But I have a complain with the socialmedia detox and that too with the social media people. The engagements group activations happen always after 11.30 Pm and memebers are expected to complete the task after than with morning confirmation… is that not the social media friends turning out the resons for sleep deprivation?

  5. As you rightly point out self-love or self-care is really important in the altered social milieu that we live in today. It has become a necessity and something one needs to focus on.

  6. One of my resolution this year was to spend considerable self care time. And I love the activities that you’ve listed. Will try

  7. was so excited on this topic! How could I not be when this is what MommyWithAGoal’s stands for! I’m so happy that more moms are spreading awareness on this topic. The more we are on this, the more people we are able to help realise its need!

  8. Self love or self care is not bad at all. After all we all are human being and our own body also needs pampering or extra care . Completely agree with your points .

  9. Self care is the first step towards self love. I believe, one should first learn to love themselves, then only they can reflect and give back to the world.

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