Happy International Women’s Day

This post is dedicated to every woman 

Congratulations with all my heart to those sorceresses who transform the pains that feel in the soul into the light and smile just so that no one notices.

Wish you all Happy women’s International Day

We the women have a great responsibility in this world that we live in. We are the mothers, we are the educators, it is up to us to achieve gender equality in all areas. It is up to us to get out of violence, racism, ignorance. We have more power than we think and we don’t use it. I am not saying to become arrogant or authoritarian, but to help each other to stop being victims, and take the upper hand at once.

We have many issues, such as: educate ourselves to lead, nurture ourselves to protect and guide our children, become a firm reference in society. We are largely the ones who have to value each other the most, support each other.

Educate Girl child

It is proven that when the woman is educated the whole community benefits. We know better than anyone what the needs of those around us are. Just like in our home, we know what is needed, bought, or done, in the same way, we know what the needs of our community are. That is why it is important to support and promote education and entrepreneurship projects that are linked to the development of women and girls. We cannot tire of knocking on doors and advocating for ourselves, raising our voices for our rights, and paving the way for generations to come.

What is femininity, and why should it be taught?

We understand by femininity all those attributes and qualities bestowed on a woman by the society in which they reside. This involves beliefs and attitudes, whether they are learned or formed as a result of biological necessity. This idea contemplates behaviours and attributions such as sweetness, softness, external appearance, the display of affection, understanding, elegance, sensitivity, caring for the family and children, but also vulnerability or even weakness or submission, so the idea of femininity goes beyond dresses, heels, and makeup.

To teach femininity, just look in the mirror and reflect on the following questions:

1. Do you think that being feminine is something “that you should be” for the simple fact of being a woman?

2.Are you happy to be a woman?

How is femininity taught and learned?

Children learn from parents in two ways: By Imitation or By Rejection.

We reject what hurts or denigrates us; Therefore, do not force your daughters to behave in a certain way, or to make someone do something, no matter how good it may be; the consequences and the fruits you will get will be the opposite of what you expected. You have great opportunities in your daughters’ lives to develop femininity.

Focus on being feminine and showing delight for it.

We may notice that we act, talk, or seem in any manner less than a woman for a variety of reasons, and we may attribute this to the work we do or the role we “had to play” within our families, or we may blame not getting dressed or behaving in the right way on the work we do or the role we “had to play.” As a result, we have forgotten the vital and unique aspects of our lives. By showing our children how terrible it is to be a woman or even saying it openly when complaining about our condition, we make our daughters want anything but a woman. They grow up with a confused idea of being a woman or being feminine. The opposite happens when, through our actions and words, we tell those around us that it is good and beautiful to be a woman.

You have great opportunities in your daughters’ lives to develop femineity. Being feminine is a gift that results in women when they are happy with themselves, not when they are forced or pressured to be.

The role of the father

If you think that only our daughters learn femininity from their mothers, you are very wrong. Parents play a very important role in the psycho-emotional development of girls. As children, their dad teaches them how strong they can be, helps them experiment, and dare to do things “that mom wouldn’t do”; Dad is a girl’s first great love and in the way her father treats her, she will learn to behave with other boys. When the father treats his wife with kindness, respect and courtesy, he will do the same with his daughter or his mother, and girls will be able to enjoy and learn from the care and attention that only boys can give a woman. It is worth the effort to raise and educate a woman.

Be empowered and remember that you are capable of anything you set your mind to. Go through these inspiring and my favourite quotes on women’s day.

Quotes On Women’s Day

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Happy International women’s day to all.

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