Dear Teacher, How are you doing?

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Dear teacher, may you see in your future how your students have achieved great success, which is a source of great satisfaction.   

The teaching job is perhaps the most thankless job in the world because it is so little valued. So we all know the importance of a good teacher in a school career.

We all know the importance of an empathetic, encouraging and interesting teacher to give our kids a taste for learning. I understand the immense fatigue that grips the faculty when sometimes I see how they are manhandled.

I’m not sure how teachers deal with the responsibility of their job, the noise, the agitation, parental ingratitude, as well as childish and critical remarks directed at them, especially in this situation during pandemic where every other mom complains about not having enough time for herself.
I only have two children and sometimes I feel overwhelmed. They manage at least 35 each day and with a smile, as a bonus.

Online Class

So a good teacher always makes you do something a little bit more than you thought that you could do.

John B. Goodenough

Every morning, our children, who are not always well awake, are placed in the hands of teachers with little support from the system in place, silently demanding that they manage to make them feel considered, reassured, while waiting for them to make them smart and resourceful.

They are expected to be fair, impartial, warm, and attentive. Things that we don’t always manage to be ourselves with our children.

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Morning run

While we savour the silence after the morning run, they live among the screams. Whether they’re happy or angry doesn’t change the story.
I do not know either how they manage to find so many ideas, every day, to occupy intelligently our children.
I do not know how they manage to accuse parents’ comments without flinching. Those parents who let them know they have a job, and forget that their children’s education is too.

Craft Activity in School

I don’t know how they manage

I don’t know how they manage to have the courage to bring out their craft materials or their corrections in the evening.
I still don’t know how they manage to find patience for their children after taking care of other people’s children. Where do they find the resources, the energy?

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  1. Ishi Tripathi says:

    Thank you for this great blog 🤷‍♀️🤗 it’s something we as an individual needs to understand 🤗

  2. I had been in teaching years ago and I know the hard work and dedication teaching requires. loved the way you have expressed your respect for teachers with this post. indeed they deserve it from our side.

  3. Teaching is one of the most satisfying professions. They have the selflessness and a desire to share their knowledge. That is why they opt for this profession. My mom was a teacher and I have also worked as a substitute teacher. The joy we get while working with kids is very special.

  4. Hats off to all the teachers who mould and shape so many lives. At most times it is a thankless job, but teachers are special and they do their job without expectation.

  5. Teachers have had a very tough time during the pandemic, perhaps more than many other working professionals. While a lot of us were easily able to adapt to working from our laptops and doing zoom meetings, teaching online had not been so easy. On top of that parents’ expectations have been the same. It has been very difficult for them.

  6. Vishakha Sodha says:

    My mom is a teacher and I could totally related to this! It’s so well thought of and expressed. Sharing this with her

    1. Thanks for stopping by ..and sharing with your mom. Love to her 💓

  7. Very well written. Teachers are so happy to see their children’s achievements in future.
    Yeah the energy & patience to see their children after looking others children. I suppose that’s the love & passion which drives them to do this.
    I use to take home tuition so I can relate some.

  8. I really thank all teachers , they take lots of pain. I always thankful to my teacher , because of them I am able to make my value in society.

  9. My wife is a teacher and while reading your post, I was wondering how she manages it all with such coolness and a smile on her face. Hats off to all the teachers who stood the test of time during and after pandemic. It wasn’t an easy feat managing both work and home.

  10. My compliments for such a well compiled post.
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