Heroes in the Face of Adversity

Thank you for fighting this pandemic bravely

You know many heroes of your country. You know what they did for your country. On the streets of your city, you have undoubtedly seen several monuments that remember them, in addition to the history books that repeat their names year after year.

But there is no monument of so many anonymous heroes who participated actively so that your world is full of possibilities. In addition to the celebrated heroes, our doctors, nurses, health personnel, and those who grow our food, educators, banker, they too are wonderful heroes, we must honour.

The situation we are experiencing around the world due to the pandemic has completely shaken us. It shakes our social, economic, political, and educational structures. May it also shake our hearts and our attention.

Today, near you, behind a wall, or walking next to your door, true heroes pass by, at a distance, do you know them?

Thanks to the transporters, the cooks, the farmers, and those who raise livestock and move goods have become indispensable people. And if we enter the field of education and health, we only have words of appreciation towards the doctors, nurses, orderlies, and cleaning personnel in each clinic and hospital. In the field of education, big thanks to Teachers coping with the responsibility of their task, I still don’t know how they manage to find patience for their children after taking care of other people’s children. Where do they find the resources, the energy? And of course, how can we forget Bankers, setting an extraordinary example of commitment, professionalism, and solidarity during a pandemic.

But in addition to these heroes, there are others, locked in their homes, that we want to introduce to you today.

Reckless parents

So many parents who saw their projects and financial resources shattered overnight, whose careers were negatively impacted, watched with fear as the errand ended, pushed them to buy more despite the pandemic. These parents are true heroes since they carry the weight of home on their backs. To them, our most sincere thanks who have not lost their drive, love, or hope to raise their kids and other family members.

Mothers who pull rabbits out of hats

Faced with the overwhelm of fathers, mothers often have to do the magic. Trying to be creative with food, saving resources, and being kind to the children, fed up with the confinement constantly put us to the test. Children sometimes lighten the atmosphere at home, sometimes they demand useless things and sometimes they slam doors on parents’ faces, making them feel invisible and useless. Despite that, they stood close, and not showing the slightest sign of alarm or sadness. God keep them going, so necessary in this difficult time.

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Brave and obedient children

Imagine that overnight you find yourself kidnapped, out of the sunlight, and sentenced to forced labour. This is how my twelve-year-old son affirms. They may complain, but they accept it with blind faith in adults. They understand that it is not convenient to go out, that the numbers they hear in the past refer to people like grandparents or other elderly people who are at real risk.

Our children give us a great example, because overnight they have suspended their trips to the park, breaks in school, talks with friends, because of the support at home, the stress of parents and activities that sometimes drown them because of the confinement. But as they are, obedient and attentive to parental and governmental instructions, and carrying out the detention with great zeal.

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Conscious Entrepreneurs

At the time when the world is taken by the covid -19 storm, many entrepreneurs have had to lay off employees to keep their businesses from collapsing, leaving thousands of people to the mercy of God. However, in extraordinary acts of social conscience, some entrepreneurs have asked for loans, changed their courses, but not fired an employee during pandemics, and set an example of solidarity in the face of adversity.

Grandparents or Entrenched Elders

Many old people heroically endure their loneliness, trusting in our authorities and enduring present needs as true soldiers. Due to restricted outings, their children are not able to meet them, but they, with fortitude and courage every day, not letting their pain, loneliness, and isolation rob their peace. You call them, and they always reply that they are “very well”, and you can feel their genuine smile on the other side of the line, even if this year they have started walking more and more slowly.

New Moms

Surviving for new moms during a pandemic without having a support network and the initial trial-and-error days of finding the best system for them and their baby is hard. They are just flapping their arms in the pool trying to keep from drowning. You deserve hugs, love, recognition and so much more. Welcome to Moms club.

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The extremely generous

In addition to overcoming uncertainty and fear hour after hour, many people donated masks, food pantries, visited neighbours, and offers to shop for the most vulnerable. They donated clothes, toys, and food to those who are less fortunate.

These heroes have touched our lives in this confinement, they have become an example and a light for people, and safe for you as well. Let us ask God to help us admire them, recognize them, and become one of them.

And let’s keep their heroism alive, making it known to our families so that they are included in the books. It is only fair that our children tell their grandchildren about these ordinary heroes who have filled so many homes with light. God bless so many heroes! We owe them so much!

“The fact that you are trying, is proof that you are Strong.”

Thank you for fighting this pandemic bravely. Stay Home & Stay Safe!!

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