How to take care of your kid’s dry skin?

Kids dry skin

Worried about how to take care of kids’ dry skin? The cold and temperature variations we experience between heated indoor and the outdoors may be particularly hard on our kids and our delicate skin.

The fear of skin dryness and chapped lips always grips me at the very first knock of winter. When I became a mother, this dread was passed down to my children, and I became aware of the necessity of winter skincare, including creams, a well-balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits, and adequate hydration.

How to take care of kids dry skin

Firstly, it is important to drink lots of fluids to properly absorb the nutrients and protective ingredients present in creams.

Most of us find it difficult to care for our kids’ dry skin throughout the winter. That chapped, dry skin is tenacious!

With the correct products and a thorough winter care regimen, baby and toddler skin may be recovered.

Massage with Coconut Oil to treat kids dry skin

Coconut oil is primarily made up of medium-chain fatty acids, which are “healthy fats” that help to repair the skin’s barrier and keep it soft and smooth. Not only, it is best for kids dry skin, but also its unique composition enables it to absorb deeply and effortlessly into pores, trapping moisture while remaining lightweight on our skin.

My recommendation: Nirmal Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil to treat kids dry skin

Use soap/body wash with moisturiser

Every step of your winter body care routine should include products designed to keep moisture at bay. Body wash and soap are included. What isn’t in your body wash and soap is just as important as what is in them. To treat kids’ dry skin, a moisturiser-based body wash is a must.

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My recommendation: Aveeno Baby Daily Moisturising Bath 

Gentle baby bath to treat babies and kids dry skin

Use humidifier

Use a humidifier at night in your nursery or bedroom to not only keep your little one’s skin moisturized but also prevent colds and sickness that often come with the colder months. Prevention is everything!

My recommendation: Dr. Trust Luxury Cool Mist Room Humidifier

Stop overheating the room

Stop overheating your room with a blower during winter. This is important to keep in mind to maintain the correct room temperature.

Your room should be warm as too much heat leads to a depletion of humidity that may cause dry eyes, dry skin, and nasal blockage. When looking for a portable heater, look for one that is the right size for your space.

My recommendation: Orient Heater with Adjustable Thermostat 

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Keep your child hydrated

If your child is still breastfeeding or on formula, keep up the good work! If your child is older, make sure to give them plenty of water as well as fruits and vegetables with high water content levels to keep them hydrated.

Keep bath time to a minimum

If you’re taking a regular bath, keep the bath time to a minimum because long baths can cause the skin to dry out. Also, make certain that the water is warm, rather than hot! Bathing can be very restorative for dry skin if done correctly.

Overnight moisturisation

Furthermore, for skin that dries out during the day, overnight moisturization is a lifesaver. Apply a good moisturizer or coconut oil to your child’s skin before he or she goes to bed. Overnight moisturization allows the skin to recover and fight dryness, breaks, and cracks.

My recommendation: Aveeno baby cream

My recomendation: Mamaearth Soft Body Lotion

Happy winters Guys!

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  1. Baby’s dry skin is one of the concerns for parents. I have always used coconut oil for my kids. And now when they have crossed the baby phase, I still ask them apply coconut oil during winters. In moisturizers, I have been using Cetaphil and Nivea for years.

  2. These are great tips to treat dry skin of babies. my little one has that problem when she was 2 year old and I had used aveeno products for her skin care and get good results.

  3. Winter is surely hard on the skin especially for babies and having the right products to treat the dry skin for babies is so important. These are very good tips and the coconut oil is the solution for everything.

  4. My younger one always ends up having dry skin during winters. After trying a gazillion brands I figured out that Coconut oil and Mamaearth Body butter works best for her. Most parents with younger babies struggle with this issue and I am glad you share well researched post on the topic. This will help moms make an informed choice.

  5. My kids are all preterm babies and they have extremely dry skin..I will take care of your tips and see the difference

  6. Moisturisation is very important because lack of it leads to dryness. Winters dryness is always an issue for me and my little one, Mamaearth products are good and Nirvana coconut oil also works well.

  7. Kids skin can really go dry during winters and taking care of it the right way is very important. With right products and proper skin care routine that you have shared, we can reatin the moisture of their skin.

  8. My kid has extremely dry eczema-prone skin, have battled with it since her birth. We have tried everything, from medicated to organic skincare, but it’s just a temporary relief. Aveeno Skin Lotion helps a lot, and so does the MOM’s Co. sensitive skin care. All your tips are ace on.

  9. Winters can make the skin extremely dry and it’s important to ensure that the skin is protected with proper skincare products. These tips and suggestions are perfect to maintain the dry skin.

  10. Milan Singhal says:

    During winters the problem of dry skin is a common issue. I personally like Aveeno and Cetaphil for my kids. Applying coconut oil also sounds good, shall try

  11. I loved all your tips about preventing a baby’s skin from becoming dry. I have personally loved used Nirmal Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, so agree with your recommendation.

  12. Winter skincare is a must especially for kids. They face a lot of dryness and skin peel. Off. Thank you for. The tips and product suggestion

  13. I have been checking out many of your articles and it’s nice stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your blog.

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