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It’s no wonder that we love to travel and explore and have adventures together as a family. when it comes to “How to travel smoothly” with little ones we certainly don’t have all the answers, some people strongly believe that it’s such a waste to take small kids across the globe when they can’t recall it all completely. I disagree with this argument because I believe introducing our children at a young age to different places, cultures, languages, and people, helps shape them as human beings and these experiences can leave a lasting impression that is hopefully for the better. Travel can ignite or re-ignite your child’s curiosity and sense of adventure.

Always be coolYou may get a little stressed while starting but it’s quite natural, and don’t forget that you may stress out your kids too. So, do everything to stay calm, look cool and keep the excitement alive. Bring your patience!!

Keep your expectations Low Finally, as you get ready to travel with your kids, keep your expectations low. Travelling with children, especially their first few trips, has to be done on their terms. Often, they don’t want to see the famous monuments, and instead, they’d like to play in the pool. Let your child discover new cultures and ideas in ways that make sense to them and learn about them.

Packing travel hacks

Make a list of everything you need to take including children’s favourite toys/snacks/blankets etc and then tick the items off as you pack them. We have been using this system for years whether travelling or visiting family. This will save you time.

What to pack?

Pack snacks, snacks !! and more snacks.

The key to the children’s heart is simple. Lots & lots of snacks. I am talking about this first because my first preference is always going to the grocery store a few days before departing. I put these snacks in their hand luggage & by handing over the responsibility to them, it made them feel important. But some I keep with me for an extra treat on the way.

Passports and Tickets

Put each “PASSPORT “in a different case or put different stickers on each one, it makes, way easier to find the right one at the airport. Keep all documents in a handy pouch here.

Extra clothes

Always wear light & comfortable clothes. I have always packed an extra set of light clothes for my kids and myself, you never know when motion sickness will happen or your kids will spill the milk/juice. If you are a breastfeeding mom then pack a nursing cover here.


I love the freedom to keep my kids strapped in the stroller. Just stop at the gate’s agents’ desk before you board and they will give you Tag to put on your stroller and just leave it at the end of the walkway. You can collect it after landing. It becomes super easy to roam around the city with a stroller. Some flight operators have a different policy so check beforehand here.

Spill-proof Sippy cup

I always pack kids’ favourite sippy cups. Make sure to give them water before the flight. Although the cup needs to be emptied as you go through security, you can fill it up at the drinking fountain before heading to the gate here.


Suns cream is always a very important essential if you are visiting a pool or beaches here.


Keep few medicines for the kids and yourself. Few prevalent “over the counter” medicines could be packed for fever, colic, allergy, antacids, etc., and a pack of adhesive bandages (e.g. Band-Aid) in the handbag as you may need these any time. Don’t hesitate to keep special medicines or equipment (like a nebulizer) if any of the travellers have a condition or susceptible to elevate conditions such as allergies or asthma etc. due to exertion or a change in weather. Sometimes you may need a prescription for certain kinds of medicines. It will be advisable to consult your Physician / Paediatrician in advance.

At the airport

Waiting for hours at the airport can be tiresome. Try to play spy games with your kids to keep the boredom from creeping in.

”I spy with my little eye….

Something small,

Something shiny,

Something round”.

And let them guess what is it?. As they will observe their surroundings more keenly this will engage the child’s multiple senses.

Save it for your next journey.

While travelling

Most people, myself included experience intense inner ear pain during take-off and landing due to the cabin pressure change. My trick is to wear earplugs and chew gum, especially during landing. However, I wouldn’t recommend that for young children who may pull the plugs out or swallow the gum, try giving them a lollipop. If your little one is breastfeeding, start nursing her 5min before the take-off & landing to help them with ear fussiness. You may also let the baby suck on the pacifier.


If you choose to bring toys from home, several weeks before the flight, but these items away so, When it’s time to open up the backpack, these will give a new feel to them. Pack writing pad, crayons, new small toys, puzzle books, new stickers for toddlers.

We restrain screen time at home, but when we are travelling, we are in survival mode and all rules go out of the window. So, we can’t give up on-screen time while we’re on the flight. Load their favourite movie or cartoon beforehand to watch it on the plane.


Travel with Another Family

Having multiple hands to help you around while touring to new places always works better. we always try to travel with friends or kids aunts.

Post COVID-19 Essentials in your Carry bag*


Although almost all airlines allow families with young ones to board first, we always get on last, and then the flight is rolling away from the gate before we even know it!!

So, let’s be realistic here, no matter how many articles you read about flying with toddlers or kids, no matter how prepared you are with their favourite stuff, snacks, you might somehow have some tough time, that’s all about Parenthood, am I right? I am simply here to pass on you tips and tricks which worked for me. You will surely create an experience that you can cherish, and maybe a few you can learn from.

I would love for you to comment below with any more tips you have with flying with kids. Hope these tips can help you as you Travel. Happy & Safe Flying!

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  1. This checklist reminds me when I traveled with my 1 year old. Many things have changed since covid came into picture. Few new items have been added to our list. But it is for our safety. Now we don’t have to keep our travel plans on hold.

  2. Again an informative post from your side. yes, air travel with kids is stressful and personally I had not so good experience in past this regard. but I feel planning ahead can help a lot in reducing travel anxiety. thank you so much for sharing this useful list of travel essentials with us

  3. This is definitely a great post for all the newbie moms. Your have covered everything and these are really important. Having a checklist is very essential if you do not want to panic while traveling.

  4. Ruchi Verma says:

    I really feel we need to be more careful traveling with kids. Your checklist covered all thanks for sharing it will help a lot while planning a journey!!

  5. Travelling with kids can be challenging and more so if it also includes a long-haul flight. These are some really sensible tips to take on the challenge. Packing of course is an important aspect that needs special attention, and also keeping the kids engaged is so important.

  6. Priyal says:

    This is a very informative post written by you. It’s not easy to flying with kids, your checklist is very helpful. Thanks for sharing with us

  7. What an informative post! Flying with kids can be challenging but if you plan everything to the tee it can be stress-free … and even rewarding in some cases. I always plan to perfection when I travel with my two kids.

  8. That’s a perfect list of all the products that we can include while flying with kids. Its imperative that things are well planned to avoid any hassles when out with kids. Even I follow many of these.

  9. Introducing kids to the joy of travelling from a younger age makes them more receptive and accepting. This checklist is great and covers everything a mom must know about travelling with their little ones.

  10. Flying with small kids is a task and challenge. Your pointers are very important in this case . I will save this Post .

  11. Air travel with kids could be really taxing and challenging for parents. Glad to know these tips, wish I had read something similar all those years ago.

  12. Travelling with kids is humongous and especially at times like these it’s evenn more difficult. I’m glad you came up with these tips and the must haves.

  13. I still remember the first time I flew with my daughter, she was just 3 months old. It was difficult as I was flying alone. With Covid, we should be really careful while we travel with kids.

  14. Good day! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a group of volunteers and starting a new project in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on. You have done a extraordinary job!

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