10 Common Newborn Baby Care Myths

Common Newborn Baby Care Myths

Certain newborn Baby Care Myths have become deeply embedded in our culture and have been passed down from generation to generation for many years. I am going to take down 10 common newborn baby care myths.

Many of these false beliefs are still held by some people today, even though they have no scientific basis. As a result, I have prepared this article in which I try to debunk common newborn baby care myths.

1. Women with little breast cannot breastfeed their children

One of the most widespread myths among new mothers about breastfeeding is that those who have a small breast cannot breastfeed their children, since it is mistakenly believed that they cannot produce enough milk.

But the truth is that any woman, regardless of breast size, can produce a full supply of breast milk for her baby’s nourishment.

2. Breast milk is insufficient for the proper infant feeding

 Newborn Baby Care Myths

Another myth about breastfeeding is that it is insufficient for babies to meet their nutritional needs. This is something that many mothers are concerned about, but there is no scientific evidence to back up this claim.

Women produce exactly the amount of milk their babies require.

3. Let the baby cry so he gets used to it

 Newborn Baby Care Myths

Crying is a form of communication used by babies to meet their needs and feel better. You are making a mistake if you allow your baby to cry because a crying baby is trying to communicate with you. Your job is to figure out why this is happening and what, if anything, you can do about it.

By allowing him/her to cry, you are instilling in your baby a sense of helplessness and deep sadness, which will have an impact on the affectionate bond he/she has with you.

4. All Babies Can Swim

Perhaps we believe that babies at birth learn to swim instinctively due to the conditions in which they find themselves during gestation, but it is dangerous to let them submerge without supervision because their lungs are fragile and can become blocked.

5. Don’t take your baby into your arms every time he/she cries

 Newborn Baby Care Myths

It is thought to be bad parenting to take your baby into your arms every time he/she cries. Babies cry for a variety of reasons, and no matter what, you should continue to care for them. Allowing a baby to cry will not make him or her feel safe and will lessen his or her trust in you.

6. You have to wake them up to eat

It is not advisable to wake the baby and feed them. Allow them to recharge their batteries while they sleep, and you also use the opportunity to do the same.

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7. It is preferable for them to suck their finger rather than a pacifier

If the baby does this occasionally and it comforts him/her, it is not harmful. However, if you believe he/she does it more frequently than you would like, take it out of his mouth and replace it with a pacifier because the finger can cause deformations in the teeth or even on the palate.

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8. Breastfeeding causes the mother’s hair to fall out

This is completely false. Hair loss is a natural postpartum complication that affects the majority of women, whether they are breastfeeding or do not breastfeeding their children.

9. Applying kajal or Surma in baby’s eyes

Applying, kajal or Surma are not suitable for infants. kajal contains lead, a metal that can be harmful to your baby, irritating his/ her eyes as well as a slew of other infections such as redness and styes in the eyes, and prolonged use of kajal may also affect vision.

While there is some debate about whether homemade kajal is safe for infants, but according to paediatrics even homemade kajal prepared with the utmost care is not safe for your baby.

You might be thinking…. Why? It is because homemade kajal contains carbon, which is harmful to your baby’s sensitive eyes.

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Though you can apply homemade kajal on the forehead or behind the ear.

10. To lower the temperature of the baby, you must keep them in layers of clothing

We often hear that, when a baby is having a fever, you must keep them in layers of clothing. According to paediatrics clothes and bedding should be lightweight, make them wear 100% cotton clothes, as it is more breathable.

Remove extra layers of clothing to allow your child to lose heat through the skin more easily. Because infants can’t regulate their temperatures well, it’s more difficult to cool them down once they’ve become overheated with multiple layers.

New parents are often the ones who believe the most false myths about raising babies Because they are unfamiliar with the world and maybe guided by what they have heard in conversations with other family members or friends. In this regard, it is important to remember that, before making any decision regarding the care of children, it is important to be well informed and not to be swayed by gossip.

Now that you know these myths are false and lack scientific support, I recommend you consult a specialist first to avoid any mishaps or problems with your baby’s health.

I’ve debunked 10 common newborn baby care myths here; if you know of any others, please share them in the comments section.

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  1. So true these myths are continuously passed down from generation to generation. The points which you have shared is very informative.

  2. Humaira says:

    There are many myths about babies that people like to share with new parents. These baby care myths could be hazardous to little one’s health.

  3. You spoke about a very sensitive yet important topic here. Most new moms struggle as it gets difficult for them to know what’s actually true and what’s an outright myth.

  4. thanks for sharing this and bursting the Myths. I have seen and know many people who have followed some of these myths and its important to know what is right and wrong.

  5. I’ve heard every one of these myths as a new mom and believed a couple of them too. I’m glad you busted them and gave the right reasons too.

  6. Swati Mathur says:

    These are such great tips that every newbie parents should know. I am going to share with few of my friends who have infants at home and are planning to start a family. Thanks for sharing.

  7. New parents are surrounded by so many dos and don’t and it is very confusing. If it’s your first child trust me the confusion only increases, such parenting tips clear of the necessary myths new parents are surrounded by.

  8. Judy Morris says:

    You have summarised all the newborn baby care myths very nicely. I never put kajal to my son. Also breast milk is actually sufficient for babies till 6 months.

    1. You have summarised all these myths so well.I m glad you busted them .

  9. My child is 9 months old and I have experienced all of them. I have tried my best to fight them but the outer influence was overpowered only by taking my child to pediatrician.

  10. I have seen new moms waking up their peacefully sleeping babies to feed. What I have learned in my motherhood journey so far is babies give us clues, we ned to understand them an act accordingly. There is no written rule book when it comes to parenting.

  11. Your post has take me back years ago, when I was a new mom. I had many of these sentences from elder ones. glad you have busted these common myths in this post. indeed, a useful post for new parents.

  12. I love this. What I heard during my new mom days is, don’t pickup the child whenever he cries. This is what I heard the most

  13. You have busted a lot of common myths that most parents face with their babies. Some of these like the one about applying Kajal have actually become a part of our culture.

  14. Humaira says:

    These are such great tips that every newbie parents should know. There are many myths about babies that people like to share with new parents. These baby care myths could be hazardous to little one’s health.

  15. Ah tell me about it, people. In society come up with all. This even before the woman delivers adding to her anxiety. Glad you busted them.

  16. Such an important and helpful post for new parents. Thank you for sharing

  17. True all these things are completely myth and no link to the reality. Luckily i hadn’t followed any single one from these list.

  18. You have busted the top 10 common new-born baby care myths and how! I loved that you took the mantle to write this post, backed by research.

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